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Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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It's the summer! I decide to go on a 1 week trip to Mexico to relax! This is the diary of my trip.

    Playa del Carma is located in the Riviera Maya. It's a strech of Caribbean coastline on Mexico's northeastern Yucatán Peninsula. It's mostly know for its resort such as the town of Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen.  In this region you'll see long strech of beaches. If you're lucky you might see a panther – Seriously, it's literally next to a jungle so it's common to see some wild animals getting lost near the highway. 


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    I purchased a roundtrip ticket with flight & hotel on Expedia. I've been trying to be faithful to Expedia to grow my membership level. I flew with Aeromexico. That was actually my first time flying with this airline. They had WiFi on board but I think it wasn't free.

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    Was really tired so I slept most of the trip. Next time I'll try to provide a more detailed review of the airline and the flight.

    Where I stayed

    Fiesta inn Playa del Carmen


    I stayed at Fiesta Inn Playa del Carmen located at  Avenida 10 Esq. Con Calle 26, Playa del Carmen, QROO, 77710 Mexico.

    This hotel is really well located! It was only two street away from the main street of Playa del Carmen. So I felt relatively safe going out at night and walking back to my hotel room. Also the main Starbuck's was just a few steps away from the hotel. There are plenty of liquor store on the main street so you're not far from that and there's also a couple ATM on the same street.


    During my stay I was looking for the best srimp taco and I found it on my last two days. I know that often hotels don't have the best foods but the best taco I had was literally at this hotel.

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    I also really enjoyed the pool. There's not much to see there since it's only on the fourth floor but it definitely give a feel of relaxation and being in vacation. I kept ordering drinks from the pool. Cocktails after cocktails that was sweet! One of the drone shot I made on my video of my Mexico trip was actually the view of the rooftop.

    Every morning I just ate breakfast at the hotel. The food was really good. I actually recommend it.


    Tour Company

    I didn't have any preferences in terms of tour companies. When I left the airport the driver just gave me a card and recommended me to use EasyTours. So I just went for it. I usually like to do my research prior my trip, but this trip was very last minute. I just bought a ticket four days before my trip, packed up my bags and flew!

    What I did during my stay

    I spent a lot of time on the main street

    I went to the Beach! Of course!

    Playa del carmen beach


    I explored many Cenotes

    There are a lot of cenotes in Mexico. Cenote are natural pit or sinkhole, some of them are really large and they exposes ground water. At most Cenote tour company will allow you to swim in them. If you do not have a swimsuit, there will be shop where you can buy one and locations where you can put your valuables in a locker.

    Tulum Ruins

    Doing touristy activity was the best way I found to meet people and make friends. You share a tiny bus for a long road so it's easy to get to know people. Every day I would do a touristy activity then I would meet up with everyone at night to get drinks.

    Unfortunately you can't fly a drone at the ruins, so I have no aerial footage of the location.

    Chichen Itza



    Frida Khalo Museum & Restaurant

    On my last day of the trip I went to a Frida Khalo Museum & Restaurant right before heading to the airport. This new and exiting restaurant features the artist Frida Kahlo and food in an artistic way. Unfortunately I didn't get to try their special dinner but this is something that I will definitely do on a future trip to Playa del Carmen. I met the owner and he gave me a free private tour of the Museum. That was really interesting. Prior that visit I didn't know muh about Frida Khalo life and the meaning behind her artwork. I also had the opportunity to try a speciality of the region, a cricket. 

    F rida Khalo


    Climbed the Coba Pyramid and ridded a bike in the Jungle

    Now that its forbidden to climb one of the pyramid at Chichen Itza because a woman fell to her death a few years ago. This pyramid is probably the latest one you're authorized to climb in the area.

    Climbing the Coba Pyramid


    I went to Xcaret Park


    The park is huge. I recommend to plan what you want to do in advance. I only did a few activities. You have to keep in mind that every activities has a line up and that it takes time to do the activity. 

    Xcaret Map

    The funniest thing I did was crossing the park through the river. This is recommended for good swimmers.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 7.22.37 PM.png

    At the end of the day I went to the Xcaret Show wihch tells the story of Mexico. I highly recommend to watch the show it was really interesting to see all the different facet of the Mexican culture in one show.


    Things Nearby

    • Frida Khalo Restaurant Museum
    • Tulum
    • Cancun
    • Chichen Itza

    Things to do

    • Get a 1 day ticket for Xcarett Park
    • Visit Tulum Pyramids & Ruins
    • Visit Chichen Itza Pyramids
    • Visit Tulum Cenota
    • Go to Coco Bongo
    • Club crawling on Playa del Carmen main street

    Nomade Review

    • Cost: It's a really cheap destination to go to. You can have a blast for a week with $400. 
    • Internet: I had WiFi at the hotel and the connection was Fast. Nothing to complain about.
    • Weather: It was mostly hot and humid during my stay. But since I went during the rain/hurricane season. It was raining a lot.
    • Fun: The nightlife is really fun! Every tourism go out at night including the locals.  There are a lot of clubs. They mostly play Hiphop and Reggeaton.
    • Safety: You have to be smart. Mexico is not safe by any mean. As long as you're not being stupid, getting drunk and beligerent and getting involved with drug activity; you'll be fine.

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