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Tokyo, Japan

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Airline: United Airlines

Class: Economy/Coach

I did 1 Stop in Chicago. The flight to Chicago was 1h50m then 12h49m to Narita International Airport (Tokyo). For such a long flight, having the luxury to fly business or premiere would be a huge bonus.

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After custom you can step out and take a bus or take a Taxi. I recommend to take a train. The cost of a Taxi from Narita airport is about 26,000 YEN! This is really expensive!

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Where I Stayed

My trip was 7 days long and I decided to stay at APA Hotel Higashi Shinjuku Kabukiho-Higashi Shinjuku Kabukicho-Higashi located at 2-17-7, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

Source: Expedia

Source: Expedia

When you arrive at the hotel they'll ask you to check-in on a digital display, where you'll enter your information and swipe your credit card.

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That was my second time staying at one of their hotels. The room is really small but considering that I spent most of the time outside of my hotel that was quick to get used to it. Japanese space are designed for efficiency; I had more items that I needed in this tiny room than a luxury hotel in north America. My room came with a hair-dryer (not that I needed to use one), comb, tooth brush, tooth paste, hair elastic, mini-brush, sponge, water boiler machine, two tea cups, a mini fridge (empty). 

I had a decent view of the street. This was by no mean. a romantic view but at least I wasn't facing a wall ( which is very common for an hotel like this one in Tokyo ).

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What I did during my stay


I explored camera department store in Shinjuku


I tried Tokyo Vending Machines



Visit Harajuku and Ometosendo

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Things Nearby

  • Kochijoji
  • Mount Fuji
  • Sumida River Par
  • Shimokitazawa

Things to do

  • Visit Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  • Try a real life Mario Kart
  •  Play Patchinko
  • Catch your own sushi: Takeshita Street
  • Become a Ninja for a day
  • Have dinner in Piss Alley
  • Visit the  Kawaii Monster café in Harajuku
  • Visit Golden Gai in Shinjuku
  • Go watch a Sumo practise 

Nomade Review

  • Cost: Other than the cab ride, japan is not that expensive. Drinks are relatively cheap and there is so many competition for the food that the price for the food is affordable. 
  • Internet: There's FREE internet almost anywhere in Tokyo. At trains stations, next to a 7 Eleven...
  • Weather: I went in early April so I enjoyed a Spring weather. Cold at night, warm during the day with a little bit of rain during the week.
  • Fun: You can't get bored in Tokyo. There's entertainment for everyone and of all kind.
  • Safety: Definitely one of the safest city I've been to.

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