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REVIEW | Sony Alpha a6500 Mirrorless Digital Camera


The A6500 is a great camera for video and many YouTubers only swear by this camera – even me. It’s not only a great video camera, It also takes fantastic pictures. If you’ve watched some of my videos you might have noticed that I love using this camera for most of my videos. I have 3 cameras: the Sony a5000, the Sony RX100 Mark V and this one. Out of these 3 cameras the A6500 is my favorite by far. 


Whenever I buy a new camera I always look for a camera that covers these specific trait:

  • Ability to shoot in 4K
  • Great stabilization 
  • Great Autofocus 
  • 120f/s in HD
  • Ability to change the color profile
  • And of course great dynamic range 
  • Low light

One of the feature that I’ve been the happiest with on this camera is the camera stabilization. I used the A6300 before and Sony definitely improve the stabilization on this model.

You can literally take this camera with you and shoot a documentary in 4k. The quality of the video is great, espetially paired with the right lens. I primarly use prime lenses with this camera. The one that I recommend are the Sigma 16mm F1.4 for wide angle and the Sigma 30mm F1.4 for your macro shots. I wrote a review for each lenses on my blog.

 I find the body of the camera very durable. I've been in a jungle with it, and vlogged while it was raining


The battery life on this camera is not great. I now have a total of 5 extra battery that I always bring with me just in case. The battery die really fast on this camera so I resolved to buy an extra battery grip that allow me to put two batteries at the time. I find that my camera wouldn't die as fast that way.

The most annoying thing for me with this camera is the location o the memory card slot. It's a tiny space next to the battery and it's often a little tricky to put the memory card back there quickly.

When I bought this camera I didn't realize how important having a flip screen could be, but not having one is definitely noticeable. Many times my shot were overexposed because I couldn't see what I was shooting while vlogging. This is not a great vlogging camera.



  • 4K and Full HD video recording
  • Great image stabilization
  • Touchscreen
  • Perform well in low light
  • Bluetooth & Wifi
  • Flat Picture Profile: Ideal for grading footage.
  • High ISO output with low grain
  • Shoot slow motion at 120 fps


  • The location of the memory card slot
  • No flip screen: Bad for vlogging
  • Battery life
  • Doesn't shoot slow motion in 4K

Overall the Sony A6500 is a solid camera that I would recommend. This is the best camera I've owned so far. I had the Fujifilm X100T prior that and I can confidently say that this one is much better for video. 


Sony has unveils a really cool "Digital Filter" App. It's literally an In-Camera Graduated ND Filter. You can download it in the PlayMemories app store. When you don't have an ND filter handy, you can rely on this digital filter to do the work.

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