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REVIEW | Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod


One thing I used to like from my previous setup was the Gorilla Pod. It gave me so much flexibility with my shot. Not only as a way to stabilize my shot a little bit more but additionally, if I wanted to put my camera on the floor or on a tree I could easily set it up to get the right shot.


As soon as I received my new vlogging gear I thought of buying a new and smaller Gorilla pod for my new smaller camera. Then I realized that I already had one and tried it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of using a smaller Gorilla Pod. It's just not that sturdy.

Instead, I decided to order this gear which I think is perfect for what I was looking for. It’s a lot more compact than my gorilla pod,  although I won’t be able to put that on a tree like I used to.I've been using this mini tripod for a few weeks now and here what I think about it so far.

It's a very sturdy tripod with a great build quality. It's compact enough to fit in a jacket pocket but not small enough to hide in your pants. So far, my favorite feature is a tiny little button that allows you to change the angle of the camera. The legs are not foldable so you definitely won't have as many flexibilities as a gorilla pod but it's definitely more sturdy and will last longer. 

The legs of this tripod are not extendable, so whenever you're filming on a desk or a table, you'll have to settle for very low angles. If you don't want a low angle you might have to put it on top of a few books or so. When I think of a tripod I always imagine them with variable height. Unfortunately, this tripod does not offer extendable legs which would allow for variable height. 



  • Sturdy! Great build quality
  • Flexible angles
  • Great for vlogging


  • Not foldable: Less flexiblity
  • No Variable Height: Legs are not extendable

Overall I like this tripod for vlogging which is the primary reason why I purchased it, but it's not ideal when filming sitting down. I think its a great gear to have, I just wish I could extend the legs when needed.

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