About The Preset

This preset was created with Adobe Lightroom Mobile

How to Install

The easiest way to install the preset is by using the Import Preset feature on Lightroom. Alternatively. Here a few ways your could install it.

Go to the Lightroom Preferences ( make sure that the "Store preset with this catalog" option is not checked. )

Then, navigate to the Camera Raw Settings folder and copy the .xmp preset files to that folder. Here is an alternate method of locating that folder:

Mac: ~ / Library / Application Support / Adobe / CameraRaw / Settings
Windows: C: \ ProgramData \ Adobe \ CameraRaw \ Settings

Alternately, you can access the folder with this method:

Open Lightroom CC (make sure it is updated to the new version)
Go to Lightroom Preferences

Click the "Preset" section at the top

Click the "Show Lightroom Presets Folder"

Ignore the folder it highlights, and instead go up to the Camera Raw folder and open it

Open the Settings folder and copy your .xml presets files into this folder

Restart Photoshop or Lightroom Classic and the presets/profiles should be installed.

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