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Lifestyle Content Creator

Hey I’m Richardson! Here's a bit about me – I’m a 30-year-old independent creative from Canada who makes content about Lifestyle Design & Travel.

I believe that the secret to a happy life begins with the end in mind, so long as you’re willing to live a life by design rather than living a life by default. As long as you’re willing to do the research and put up the work. Throughout my own journey, work and personal experience I hope to inspired others to seize the opportunity to design a life they dream of living.

Since I was a kid and even through high school and college, all I could think about was the idea of becoming my own boss. So on my last year of college, I decided to teach myself how to code so that I could build my crazy ideas and become my own boss. A few years later I was approached by headhunter and companies for work opportunities so I started my own digital agency where over the years I’ve helped build applications for brands such as Emirates, America Airlines, ALDO, Freshbooks, Rogers, Sportsnet & Ivanhoé Cambridge and SoHo.  Throughout that journey I also built a few startups of my own.

Although I love solving problems by building solution. I’m ultimately passionated by storytelling on any type of medium. From books to television and podcasts. Growing up inspired by the work of others I’ve always dreamt of telling my own stories. This is why I wrote a book, started a youtube, and a podcast.

When I decided to make movies, I taught myself how to make movies by watching youtube videos. When I decided to learn photography, I started reading books, tutorials and more youtube video about it. It’s during the summer of 2017 that I started my content creator journey and started my Youtube. It started with a simple idea of documenting my experiences while traveling. My first video was a trip I planned with my girlfriend to Miami, then the second video was a trip to Mexico and then Cuba. Since my first time holding the camera to vlog, I’ve been releasing videos on Youtube every other week. And it’s my obsession of delivering better quality videos every time that introduced me to the fascinating world of Travel Videos on Youtube, and I learned more about photography along the way. 

– Richardson